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Playful Piano Lessons with Maddy

Fun, vibrant and creative piano lessons in Cromdale, Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorms National Park

Private Piano Lessons in Strathspey

Piano lesson that are fun, inspiring and creative for children and adults.

Happy Keys provides fun and engaging musical experiences for children, teens and adults with the ethos of encouraging self-esteem and communication skills, promoting creativity and imagination, growing in confidence both musically and socially as well as building resilience and discipline. At the heart of lessons, Maddy creates an environment which is safe and welcoming. With an academic and practical background in Community Music, lessons with Maddy at Happy Keys is all about understanding music as a language, exploring creativity, and delving into lots of music for a rich and broad experience using imaginative resources to scaffold and build skills and knowledge.

Lessons at Happy Keys does not mean sticking to one method book, learning only a couple of pieces for exams and moving page by page. Instead, it’s about having a wide ranging experience, tailored to the student which encourages self-expression and a love of music and an independence they can take into later life. Music is a language we can all learn and experience. Music can be a a tool to improve wellbeing and an opportunity to enjoy a creative hobby in your week.

Your teacher, Maddy, qualified with a First Class Honours in Music specialising in classical and musical theatre performance and a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Music. She was awarded her University Prize, the Rodwell Prize for a Pianist in 2013 in recognition for her success and studied with Sally AnnMacLeod from the Royal Northern College of Music. She has a varied and cherished experience both playing and singing for rock and pop bands with an interest in song writing and a love of minimalist classical piano music.

A student learning a piece by rote to explore the piano geography and improvisation.
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