Video Gallery

Gabriel plays piano at my wedding!
King of the African Drum to develop arm weight!
Unlocking adult creativity at beginner piano lessons! Scroll to 42 seconds! It’s good for wellbeing!
Maddy singing Wolves by Selina Gomez.

Audrey learning A Day in the Life of Tall Giraffe from Piano Safari.
Jess playing Dragon Dance to develop strong fingers, a loose arm and to create a loud but warm piano tone.
Sophia loving the jazzy Sapphire Jazz in Piano Safari Older.
Maddy working on a Brahms Intermezzo.
Free improvisation by Alfie to develop playing to a steady beat.
Yashoda improvising freely after 5 lessons.
Rory playing Herbie Hippo to develop seeing patterns at the keyboard and arm bounce!
Blues in C improv!

1990’s RnB song ‘Video’, a teacher-student duet with Eden.
Jingo, a Rock Prelude by Christopher Norton
Kate Bush, This Woman’s Work

Lavender Fields by Karen Tanaka